We deliver and maintain JOZ slurry drainage systems. This Dutch company is the founder of modern cleaning barn. As they say by there own: JOZ, Home of the clean stable

Slurry scrapers for grid or sealed floors

Every barn is unique and requires a slurry drainage system that suits the architectural possibilities of the barn and the financing capacity of the company.

We give advice and deliver sliding systems for gridded floors, closed floors, liquid manure, solid manure, sandy manure and every conceivable combination.

Joztech slurry robot

The animal-friendly; noiseless Joz-Tech sweeps the slurry corridors clean with a controlled speed until the smallest corners.

The robot uses patented sensor technology


– extremely manoeuvrable
– also for large surfaces
– leaves no manure residues

Free advice or estimate made to measure on 02/395 85 00 or via info@limko.be