A heat pump works like a cooling installation but then the other way around. You will no longer generate your heat by burning fossil fuels but by getting it from the soil, the air or water.

Service, supply and brands

Together with you we will go through all the possibilities and make the choice most suited for your project. Possible combinations are air-air/ air-water/ soil-water. We work with well known heat pumps such as General, Panasonic and Dimplex.

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The energy consumption of a heat pump is considerably less than that of gas and petrol boilers. Your heat pump works on electricity, making fossil fuels redundant.


You can choose for a system in which you can heat or cool with one press of the button. In this way you will always enjoy an agreeable inside temperature. This is also the case in verandas in which it is often too cold in winter and too hot in summer.


A heat pump ensures a quick, optimal spread of warmth. In combination with floor heating you will enjoy a very high degree of comfort.


A heat pump emits a lot less CO2 than traditional heating systems. CO2 causes greenhouse gases and is partly responsible for climate changes. Apart from that the burning of petrol and gas also releases soot, sulphur and nitrogen compounds into the air.

In all aspects heat pumps are environmentally friendly and thus healthier for this and the next generations.


You can choose for a system with an extremely accurate temperature control that keeps the temperature firm. With multi-split systems you control multiple inside apparatuses that you can operate centrally, per room or per group via wall or remote control.Our systems are also suited for home automation.


Both the inside and outside systems are nearly soundless. Compressors never turn faster than necessary and innovative ventilators ensure nearly noiseless air emission.


You can choose from a varied array of modern design equipment. The installation requires very little cutting or breaking and is thus also ideal for rebuilding and renovation.

The external units are compact and can mostly be placed in such a way that they do not stand out. A separate stoking room or chimney is not needed.

Possibilities for combination

Heat pump systems can be combined with sanitary warm water, floor heating, solar boilers and convectors.

Free advice or estimate made to measure on 02/395 85 00 or via [email protected]