zeugenNedap Velos offers management systems that take all work off your hands. Velos hardware and software ensure better management, better teamwork and optimal results.


- User-friendly. You can start work immediately. Velos hardware and software have been developed and extensively tested by and for pig farmers.
- Reliable thanks to direct support by a team of specialists.
- Flexible since it is easy to adapt to your needs and to the size of your company.



 Individual feed supply with Velos Sow Feeding

ElectronicSowFeedingStation- identifies the sows - doses the fodder automatically
- assesses the amount and composition of the fodder
- attunes the amount of fodder to the stage of gestation, the condition of the sow, the seasons and the feeding speed of the sow
- Gives feedback to check if the sow has taken in the fodder.
- Does not require input of predictable events, only a confirmation of stated facts.
- Works on a basis of generic adjustments with which desired management of all pigs can be executed on an individual level.



- You will improve piglet production: because every sow receives the right amount of fodder at the right time, your sows will not get underfed or overfed. They will be in optimal condition, which stimulates piglet production.
- You will save money: a controllable feeding process immediately has a positive influence on your company results.


Automatic separation with Velos Separation Unitseparation-unit_trans

- Separates sows in gestation from the group whenever you choose
- Checks and gives feedback as to how many and which sows have been separated
- Makes sows recognisable by marking
- Sows without an ear-button will automatically be marked and separated



You will save a lot of time, since you no longer need to separate the sows manually. You don’t need to check anymore either which sow has an ear-button.

Thanks to the central separation your animals will no longer be disturbed while eating. Central separation enables a walk around the barn. The animals that have finished eating, can be led away without disturbing the other animals.



Heat detection with Velos Heat Detection

- Detects sows in heat
- Reports sows in heat immediately to the pig farmer
- Marks sows in heat so that they are well recognisable in the group
- Separates these sows with the help of the Separation Unit



You will improve your production: sows in heat will be detected quickly, separated and inseminated. You will work accurately and save time: manual checking for sows in heat is less accurate and takes up a lot of time.

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